The changing behaviour video series: episode 6 – Q&A with Macerich

In this episode of Blis’ ‘The changing behaviour series’, Nate John-Grose, RVP, West at Blis speaks with Jameson Valone, AVP of Marketing at Macerich to understand what he’s observing in the market in light of the COVID-19 crisis. Jameson has over 15 years of experience in the retail real estate industry and works with direct-to-consumer brands to accelerate growth across digital and physical marketing channels. He currently leads BrandBox by Macerich, a turnkey solution for DTC brands to open physical retail stores with flexible terms, modular store designs and advanced data analytics.

Key topics:

  • How retailers are adapting to the COVID-19 shift from brick-and-mortar to online-only

  • The current role marketers should be playing to provide the best information they can to brands

  • What brands are doing well in navigating the crisis, from social impact to brand building & digital advertising

  • What companies like Macerich are doing to plan for post-COVID recovery and prepare for potentially altered retail experiences

Watch the video in full below:

The Blis team is monitoring patterns of consumer behaviour to better help brands understand how best to communicate with their customers. We’ll bring you regular updates from trends we’re seeing in our data and how that’s being reflected by what brands are doing around the world.

Stay tuned for the next Q&A from Blis in ‘The changing behaviour series’.

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