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The road to recovery webinar

How historical location data, reinvention and brand loyalty can drive brand success post-COVID

As the start of a new decade and a restart to the Chinese Zodiac cycle, 2020 had all the promise of prosperity and new beginnings. And while it did bring change, it wasn’t exactly what most of us had expected when setting our intentions for the new year. 

Now, over half way through the year many are looking ahead to a “new normal” following the destruction wreaked by a global pandemic. In ‘The road to recovery’ we discuss how this moment in time is just the next phase that we all need to get accustomed to and that, like most things this year, it will require flexibility and empathy.  

Humans will still be human at the end of this crisis and, despite the context we are currently operating in, the fundamentals of marketing remain unchanged. The importance of approaching these new challenges with a keen understanding and awareness of this context was identified as key for any recovery. 

For Alberico de Nardis di Prata, PHD’s Digital Director APAC this recovery will be led by challenger brands that are fighting for something specific that their consumers truly believe in. While Justin Maffei, AdTech Lead at Accenture Interactive ASEAN took a different angle and showed how his team focus on building great experiences for their client’s customers. And Blis CMO, Diane Perlman  highlighted how understanding consumer behaviour and movement patterns pre- and during COVID can shed important light on what consumers are likely to do next and what brands should do now. 

Watch the full discussion below:

The speakers on the webinar included:

  • Alberico de Nardis di Prata, Digital Director APAC, PHD
  • Justin Maffei, AdTech Lead, Accenture Interactive ASEAN
  • Diane Perlman, CMO, Blis
  • Alex Wright, Head of Insight, Blis
  • Moderator: Jing Yi Yon, Associate Group Head, Blis

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