Tropical Smoothie Cafe- More Than Just Smoothies

Tropical Smoothie wanted to raise awareness of their cafes as well as promote a $5 flatbread and a side. They turned to their local digital marketing agency, Cardinal Digital Marketing to help facilitate, who in turn partnered with Blis to devise a hyper-local digital store support program.

Tropical Smoothie leveraged Blis’ best in class location data and technology to identify Tropical Smoothie audience and location groups and drive them into Tropical Smoothie locations. We were able to determine how many people actually visited a Tropical Smoothie Cafe after seeing an ad, and, even more importantly, what effect an impression had on a customer’s likelihood of walking in. Blis’ technology allows mapping out the four walls of every participating Tropical Smoothie Cafe to understand device activity on a daily basis. Matching those device IDs back to the ad impressions would allow the marketers to see 1) a control group of devices withheld from advertising to measure a standard footfall rate, and 2) footfall rates across all of our various audiences when an ad impression had been served.

We devised targeting strategies that included retargeting consumers seen in competitor smoothie locations, restaurants, or similar concepts when they were close in proximity to a Tropical Smoothie location.

Results showed that all four of the core audiences identified at the onset of the campaign were effective at driving uplift when exposed to an ad. While Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s existing customers naturally had the highest control group footfall rate, we were able to increase their liklihood of walking into a café by 61 percent with a single ad. Conversely, competitor brands had the lowest control group footfall rate going into the campaign, but the ads had the largest influence on purchase behavior within this group.

The campaign was able to surpass the average .5% footfall rate for the restaurant category at a .76% footfall rate. Overall the campaign generated 17MM impressions with an average click through rate of .23%. There was an overall exposed uplift on the control group of 55% which clearly showed the ad campaign was successful at driving increased foot traffic to the Tropical Smoothie locations.

Data at the café level allowed the field marketing team to bring informed marketing results to each franchisee – something they had not been able to do prior!

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