Blis | Blis and TVTY Partner to Provide Personalised & Location-Based Digital Ads

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Blis and TVTY Partner to Provide Personalised & Location-Based Digital Ads

Blis, the global advanced location data technology company, and TVTY, the moment marketing company, have announced partnership that enables brands to launch personalised location-based digital ad campaigns using real-time event ‘triggers’.

By delivering personalised, location-powered ads based on moments like sporting events, changes in the weather or even stock market fluctuations, advertisers are able to capitalise on heightened interest around specific events without having to manually monitor for these moments to occur, a statement said.

“Using Blis’ sophisticated technology and TVTY’s recently announced Social Trend Trigger, brands can run hyper-targeted campaigns when certain keywords or phrases are trending on social media. This new, cutting-edge capability is the latest outcome of ongoing collaboration between Blis and TVTY to provide brands with advanced targeting abilities,” the statement added.

For instance, during Ramadan in Dubai, marketers can engage consumers with relevant and personalised messages, such as ads for supermarkets or restaurants ahead of Iftar and Suhoor. By harnessing social media insights in their location-powered campaigns, brands will be able to deliver ads at the right moment, improving campaign performance and ensuring return on media spend is maximised.

“Across the Middle East, particularly during certain times of year, timing is crucial for advertisers hoping to engage with consumers,” said MD, Middle East at Blis, Puja Pannum. “At Blis, we see mobile marketing and TV as two stages of the same journey for consumers. With full integration between the TVTY platform and Blis’ technology, clients can harness the benefits of the Social Trend Trigger and location-based moment marketing. This allows mobile advertisers in the region to optimise their campaigns as they can be sure their ads are only being served to consumers at the appropriate part of day given the time of year, for instance ahead of Iftar and Suhoor.”

“We’re already seeing a huge interest from brands in our Social Trend Trigger. Partnering with Blis and adding sophisticated location-based targeting will make it an even more attractive option for marketers,” CEO of TVTY, Eliott Reilhac.

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