Blis | Events


As a leader in location based technology and intelligent data solutions, Blis participates in a host of global industry events. See all upcoming events Blis will be attending and schedule a meeting with our team.

18 - 22 Jun 2018
| Cannes, France

Meet the Blis team at Cannes Lions, the world’s biggest festival and awards for the creative and marketing communications, entertainment, design and tech industries.

19 Jun 2018
| Detroit, USA

Gain insights into the changing mobile landscape and how marketers must adapt. Learn from Blis as they present a keynote and host roundtable sessions.

22 Jun 2018
| Bangkok, Thailand

Blis is one of the key panelists onboard to discuss the closing gap between technology and humans as machines become more embedded in daily life.

25 - 26 Jun 2018
| Singapore, SEA

Meet the Blis team at ATS Singapore, featuring one of the largest audiences of programmatic advertising and marketing technology industry experts in the region.

26 Jun 2018
| London, UK

Explore the opportunities data and analytics can provide for Brands and Marketers. Hear from Global Platform Solution Director, Andy Beames as he presents a keynote around this hot topic.

26 Jun 2018
| London, UK

Hear from Blis’ Product Director, Amy Fox as she explains the effectiveness of movement and location data in providing consumer insight and driving business success.

29 Jun 2018
| London, UK

Catch the Blis team at Transformation Week as they question our reliance of demographic data and urge the industry to create more inclusive advertising.

03 Jul 2018
| London, UK

Get the latest industry insights and future trends for online e-commerce and bricks and mortar shopping from Blis’ Platform Solutions Director, Andy Beames.

19 - 20 Jul 2018
| Atlanta, USA

We are looking forward to speaking, sponsoring and networking at the Brand Innovators Marketing Innovation week hosted by Porsche Cars at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta.