Blis | Report: Merchants banking on LBS to convert

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Report: Merchants banking on LBS to convert

Merchants are keying in on finding that location based ads and services can better help convert shoppers. That, according to new data sponsored by Blis, in which researchers found nearly three quarters of merchants are using location based ad campaigns, with nearly two thirds using location based data in emails and push notifications.

The report, Driving In Store Traffic and Purchases Through Digital Channels, found that 71% of merchants surveyed are currently using location based strategies, with 63% using location data for email and notification marketing efforts. Just over half (52%) are using location data in video/images and ‘eight time’ engagement efforts.

What’s more, merchants say these efforts are having a positive impact on their campaign results.

“Location-based digital initiatives are having a big impact before and during the shopping experience,” said Ramon Castillo, Director -International IT and Global Planning at Costco Wholesale Corporation. “It is now a big driver in getting customers to our stores as we can influence customers with attractive promotions and create a sense of urgency.”

Other interesting findings from the report include:

  • 79% of merchants use third-party data providers to collect location data
  • 60% use location data to provide customers localized product search results
  • 65% use location data to offer customer’s mapping options to physical stores
  • 60% use location data to create localized social media accounts

“Impactful brand marketing is no longer just about reaching the right person at the right time; the content of the message also needs to be tailored for the right place. Location information allows retailers to go beyond generalized understandings of consumer behavior and develop quality, right-time and place personalized experiences,” said Gil Larsen, VP Americas, Blis.

The full report can be accessed here.

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