Blis | Jaguar

Jaguar: XE

Jaguar worked with Blis to promote the new Jaguar XE by reaching
affluent individuals.


Products: Path /Audience

Identify and target Jaguar audiences through the use of historic location data and retargeting users at a time when they are most likely to engage e.g when on a residential WiFi address.


Locations: Jaguar Dealerships, Affluent Locations, Competitor Dealerships.

OOH: Jaguar OOH Locations

Demographic: Males, 35+ years

Jaguar Consumers: Jaguar owners over the previous 2 years (DVLA Data)

Volume by Targeting Group


Total number of impressions: 1,892,850
Best performing locations: OOH locations & Jaguar dealerships
Best performing creative: 480x320 interstitial

Higher CTR thanindustry average
Post click engagement
Best performing day
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