A name change won’t cause a revolution unless we ask for one – From Emerce

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To read the full article written by Lucas Noordhoorn in Emerce, click here (in Dutch).

Facebook announced their name change: Meta. The announcement happened right after their earnings call. Facebook’s earnings confirmed what investors were most afraid of: impacts on revenue due to reach and measurement issues, a result of Apple’s changes earlier in the year. Facebook reported a lower than expected revenue estimation for Q4, a clear example of the urgency needed for companies to adopt a truly privacy-first approach to data and measurement right now. 

 A few days after that, Facebook confirmed speculations that they would change their name to focus on their next big project, the metaverse. According to Zuckberg, the metaverse is the next evolution of social connection and Facebook is ready and committed to help bring the metaverse to life – committed enough to change their name to reflect that. 

While we all know that Facebook can lead the way to drive us all into the next big thing, they will need to take a step back and address the issues they are currently trying to tackle.  Here are a few things they need to consider and some key points marketers need to have in mind, so they are not beholden to the behemoth’s decisions or lack of foresight. 

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