Adweek Webinar: De-mystifying the 2022 Media Landscape

The media industry—already a fast-moving, fast-changing landscape—has been disrupted by a one-two punch. The ongoing pandemic has drastically altered consumer behavior and media consumption. At the same time, changing privacy regulations are reducing access to consumer data. As a result, marketers have had to quickly adopt new strategies while trying to navigate new ways of finding and reaching audiences.

Join privacy-first location partner Blis for a candid look at upcoming media challenges, opportunities and predictions for the dynamic year ahead. You’ll find out:

  • Are privacy regulations starting to sink in? Recent Blis research found that privacy-first targeting is the top priority of 56% of media planners

  • What the 2022 media mix will look like and which channel is going to take on even more spend in 2022

  • The biggest obstacles ahead for agencies and brands  

The panel:                                              
  • Melissa Dickman, RVP, Blis (Moderator)
  • Stuart Feil, VP of Branded Content, Adweek (Host)
  • Jonathan Adams, Executive Director/Managing Partner, Wavemaker (Panelist)
  • John Helm, Digital Director, Mediacom (Panelist)
  • Tom Morrissy, Chief Growth Officer, Noble People (Panelist)
  • Chris Twining, Global Digital Account Director – Burberry, Dentsu (Panelist)
  • Vito Ellison, Group Account Director, Wavemaker (Panelist) 

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