Moving Beyond the Click: Blis Footsteps FMCG Benchmark Report


Marketers have become experts at analysing consumer shopping patterns online, but they struggle to accurately bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

At Blis, we believe that where you go defines who you are, so to truly understand how people respond to advertising, we must look at location data. Whether your objective is to grow brand awareness, increase engagement, or drive footfall to your store, real-world analytics are essential to measuring campaign performance.

Blis has built a bespoke reporting tool called Blis Footsteps that uses footfall attribution to measure customer behaviour across any given location before, during, and after an advertising campaign.

Footfall attribution enables advertisers to build a complete picture of their target audience. It also provides rich insights and campaign analysis based on consumers’ real-world movements and physical behaviours that go beyond the click.

This benchmark report explores the triggers that drive consumers into stores and details the latest cutting edge solutions designed to increase footfall and boost marketing ROI.

Greg Isbister, Founder & CEO

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