Blis Golden Shaker 2016: Team APD grabbed them by the chilli

The next team to present in the now famous annual Blis Golden Shaker competition is team APD with their creation: Grab Them By The Chilli.

The competition sees nine top media agency teams battling it out to find out who has the best cocktail making skills in the industry, with guidance from world famous mixologists – courtesy of Proof & Company.

APD was this year represented by John Matthews, Tobias Wilson, Tom Jones-Barlow and Lisa Walton who made a cocktail using a tequila base.

The winner will be crowned at the final in Singapore on the 17 November but leading up to that points can be amassed by generating social shares, so if this is your team, share away!

While the teams were busy creating their cocktail, we asked them two pressing questions about the future of the industry. The questions were answered by Tom Jones-Barlow.

What’s the ‘golden’ opportunity in APAC for you?

The opportunity I believe is what APD is doing, which is having the whole operation for digital under one roof. Having creative sitting next to social media, sitting next to media and account -, all under one roof, there’s not that frustrating unassailable wall of people not knowing what the other person is doing in the same organisation. Just having it simple works because there’s not years and years and years of sophisticated heritage in all of Asia. Having everyone there, knowing what needs to be done to get to the end point, is probably the golden opportunity.

How would you ‘shake-up’ the industry if you could?

I think that’s it, if you get to the point it becomes sort of like a cocktail itself, rather than something that’s just a bit of vodka and pineapple juice, it’s more than the sum of itself and it gets a fancy name. As soon as you produce those results out of everything coming together then hopefully the amount of investment and attention in digital becomes reflective of the amount of time people spent working on it.

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