Blis Launches Market’s First Location-enabled Self-Serve Platform After Successful Trial with Omnicom

Blis has launched its self-serve demand side platform after a successful year-long trial with Omnicom Media Group in Australia, who signed on with the location intelligence company to use the software when the trial period ended.

The platform, which is a first in the market, uses its proprietary location technology programmes like SmartPin, SmartScale and POI Database to provide location data targeting solutions, advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

One of the reasons why Omnicom will continue using the DSP on a self-serve basis is because of the direct access to the use of first party location data, which is key to the agency’s ongoing strategy towards innovation and digital expertise.

“Location data now plays a key role in how the group builds its campaigns, and the opportunity to get onto a self-operated platform has helped us get to grips with the intricacies of the location marketing arena,” said Peter Horgan, chief executive officer, Omnicom Media Group AUNZ.

“OMG’s trading desk teams are getting ahead of the curve on location marketing now, and Blis should be credited for its platform’s advanced, market-defining features.”

For Blis chief executive officer Greg Isbister, the new partnership with Omnicom is proof that there is a growing need for location data in media strategies in markets around the world.

Isbister added that the main draw for the DSP is that it is designed to cater to all levels of client engagement and infrastructure, and for building high-value audience groups using location data.

“Our platform empowers agencies, brands and trading desks to independently get their hands on our award-winning location data technology,” said Isbister.

“This provides full visibility over the rigorous verification and attribution standards we apply to our real-time and historical data. The platform gives clients more opportunities to use location data how they want to.”

Blis president Harry Dewhirst has also previously said the agency was looking at helping longer tail small medium enterprises with the self-serve platform as well.

In April, Blis launched Blis Futures, an AI-powered mobile advertising product it says predicts consumers’ future whereabouts.

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