Blis Private Exchange Provides Accurate, Verified Location Data to DSPs

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Sydney, December 7th: Leading location technology company, Blis, today launched the Blis Private Exchange in APAC, a world-first solution allowing agency and trading desks direct access to real-time & historical location data. This will allow agencies and brands access to in-store location targeting & audiences, directly through their existing programmatic Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).

Designed to make the Blis product suite available to a wider set of market needs, the Blis Private Exchange is the latest in a series of new offerings from the company, spanning from the traditional managed service through to the recently announced Blis Self-Serve platform. The proprietary, location-enabled platform was launched industry wide earlier this year after a year-long test with Omnicom Media Group.

Responding to a massive growth in demand for accurate audience location data, the Private Exchange offers APAC agencies and brands direct access to real-time user behavioural data & insights profiled against reliable, Blis-verified location data.

Blis AUNZ MD Nick Ballard says that the Private Exchange is part of an expanding suite of Blis offerings designed to make location data more accessible and effective for clients. “Accurate, verified location insights are effective at discovering audiences built around shared movement behaviour. Making real-time user location data available through the Private Exchange gives agencies and brands unprecedented access to some of the most powerful insights in mobile marketing.”

“Not all clients want to work through managed service and not all want Blis Self-Serve – we are catering to these varying needs. Agencies and brands continue to embrace our products, so we’re exploring new ways to open up location technology to clients.

Blis Private Exchange sits between managed service and our Self-Serve offerings. It allows agencies and brands with their own DSP capabilities to quickly access, evaluate and target audiences based on a more complete view of their behaviour,”he continued.

Blis Private Exchange is available to eligible brands and agencies effective immediately.

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