From AdNews: We are living in the ID-less present

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As the death of cookies continues making media headlines around the world, like me, by now you may have an extreme case of “ID-less-cookie-apocalypse” fatigue. Or, perhaps the impact of impending loss hasn’t been fully felt yet, or maybe there are other things to be thinking about before 2023.

Right now though, as you can see in our new e-guide and interactive calculator, advertisers in Australia are already missing out on 45% of the addressable mobile audience and 33% on desktop.

That’s huge.

It’s no question programmatic turned us on to the ease of targeting at scale; finding the right people at the right time with the right creative. With reducing cookies and IDFAs across the industry, it’s fair to say this personalised approach is already more challenging as is the concern of less reach and engagement. Advertisers may still be finding enough impressions to deliver their campaigns, but have you considered how quality and results might already be suffering?

Continue reading the article in AdNews to find out who are the audiences behind the percentagens and how you can get them back on your plans. 


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