From B&T: Your audiences are fading away! Today, not tomorrow

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It’s no secret that changes to IDFAs and cookies have fundamentally impacted the ad ecosystem, from planning to targeting and measuring campaigns. However, even today, there’s still a belief that brands are reaching all their addressable audiences at scale – and that the cookieless era will only be real once Chrome deprecation comes into force.

While marketers may still be achieving scale with their campaigns, the reality is much starker: right now, 45 per cent of the digital mobile audience is being missed in Australia. It’s already happening, right in front of our eyes. It’s time for advertisers and agencies to come to terms with this revelation and understand what they can do to get these currently missing audiences back in the plan.

Continue reading the article in B&T to find out what are the three questions you should keep in mind when choosing your advertising partners.


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