From Martech series: Almost 50% of digital audiences are being missed

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From questioning the sustainability of the solutions to understanding different technologies’ limitations, the guide highlights three top tips for marketers to consider when choosing their advertising partners. Blis hopes the e-guide will help brands and agencies better understand how to embrace the privacy-first reality and adjust expectations and methods of targeting, to find and reach their missing audiences.

“There’s still this belief that brands are achieving the right audience at scale – and that that will only change once the Chrome deprecation comes into force,” said Aaron McKee, CTO at Blis. “But the current reality is much more troubling, as advertisers that still rely on IDs are already missing out on almost half of their audiences. This is happening right now, in front of our eyes and marketers need to have the right questions in mind when choosing their advertising partners. Today, not tomorrow. If your partners tell you they’re still reaching your precise audiences at scale with ID-only or cookie-led solutions, you’ll see that the numbers in our ‘missing audience calculator’ tell a different story”.

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