From Travel Weekly: Learn how to appeal to a new age of travellers with this handy e-guide

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After two long years, travellers are once again beggining to adventure across the globe.

But things aren’t quite returning to ‘normal’.

New breeds of travellers are emerging and the travel industry needs to find new ways to make sure they’re getting the adventures they’ve been waiting for.

Luckily, Blis has launched a new e-guide packed with research and advice to help you successfully navigate the new age of travel.

The interactive e-guide, titled ‘The great travel reboot: how to reach the new breed of travellers’, was launched to help marketers across the Asia Pacific region understand the new types of travellers that have emerged after the pandemic, how the future is shaping up and how brands can better reach these customers.

To enable marketers to prepare for and tap into new advertising opportunities, Blis created a deep-dive study that explored the three new travel personas revealed by Singapore Tourism Board: the ‘wander must’, the ‘mindful explorer’ and the ‘slow pacer’.

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