Here 360: How Blis’ CTO has unlocked the power of location data

Data reliability is the key to effective marketing. HERE helps Blis’ CTO deliver location-powered advertising and analytics to help the world’s largest brands reach and engage consumers.

When you talk to Blis Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Aaron McKee, he will tell you that in essence, location data lies at the heart of the business.

Traditionally, many clients have equated location insights with proximity targeting at a hyper-local level. Blis has used location targeting to deliver effective ad campaigns for large brands, including McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Unilever, and many others. However, the value of using location data for clients goes beyond simply proximity targeting – it covers retargeting based on prior locations visited, including targeting entire households at home, as well as layering on other types of consumer data to enrich customer understanding.

Blis was one of the first companies to unlock the power of location data, both for proximity targeting as well as historic retargeting.

Aaron says: “When we work with grocery stores, for example, depending on the brief, we might explore what is the impact of a new grocery store entering into their area in terms of actual foot traffic? How does the foot traffic vary by socio-demographic factors, by income, by other kinds of factors?”

Today, of course, Blis’ work with brands goes beyond measuring foot traffic, especially with the exponential rise of online shopping, they are also driving consumers to websites.

Aaron McKee, Blis’ Chief Technology Officer, makes sense of how people move around in the real world.

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