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Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo

With an extra bank holiday on the calendar and predictions for the hottest summer in 50 years, the desire to travel and make up for the past two years is set to increase. As a result, British travellers expect to spend more money on their next holiday, and people are ready to plan and enjoy the summer holidays just around the corner.

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Here are a few lessons from the latest Easter bank holiday and what we can all expect for the next long weekend in June and the summer ahead of us. 

Go big or staycation?
Whilst staycations remain popular; we’re seeing a growing number of travellers choosing to splash out on their next big holiday. Almost half (45%) of travellers expect to spend more money on their next holiday, compared to only 29% in 2020. Younger groups are leading this trend as they seek more adventurous holidays in new locations. 

The big opportunity for brands: as consumers are more willing to pay more to make up for the lost time, bring them into your journey during their travel planning and booking stages.

Domestic rediscovery: how are brands keeping travellers local?
With some consumers setting their sights on going abroad, how are brands enticing travellers to explore the UK? Lumo’s new flight shame advert is an excellent example of brands tapping into consumers’ concern for eco-friendly travelling. They emphasise train travel as a green alternative to flying. Other brands have been appealing to the adventurous nature of travellers by showing different sides to familiar UK locations that they have yet to explore. 

The big opportunity for brands: with UK consumers travelling further than before within the UK, now is a great time to encourage travel to new exciting destinations. Tap into their daily activities to start showing them good opportunities to have fun while staying local. 

The search for sun
We saw an increase in consumers travelling to seaside locations during the last bank holiday as we got that rare April sunshine. In fact, we saw a significant increase in travel to the beach compared to the previous sunny period in March – suggesting that when consumers have more time to plan, they are willing to travel further. This behaviour was reflected in the short-haul journeys we saw, where people were willing to travel further afield when they had the opportunity for a longer holiday.

The big opportunity for brands: with the summer and the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday approaching, brands can capitalise on this trend by showing potential travellers the options and destinations (whether in the UK or abroad) to travel further and catch the sun.

So, get ready cause here comes the sun (and I say, it’s all right).

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