IWD 2022: What’s being done to break the bias? – From IAB UK

IAB UK invited powerful women in the industry to answer key questions about what’s being done to break the bias, including Kelly Jacobson Collins, Global Chair of Rise & Privacy Compliance Director at Blis. To read the original article click here.

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is ‘break the bias’, emphasising our collective power to do so by taking responsibility for our actions and working together to forge a gender equal world.

Bias can see women overlooked for opportunities, stunting careers and ultimately leaving women’s voices unheard and perspectives neglected. But as awareness increases of bias at play, what action is being taken in our industry? With our work patterns continuing to shift as a result of the pandemic, will this inhibit gender equity, or provide an opportunity to propel it forward? 

This International Women’s Day, IAB UK asked members of the IAB Inclusion, Diversity and Equity group to share what they’re doing to break the bias and what advice they would offer for allies. 

Check out some answers from Kelly:

What’s the best thing your company does to tackle gender bias in the workplace?
In 2020, we created Rise to support and celebrate diversity and inclusion at Blis and the industry as a whole. Breaking the gender bias has always been a priority for Rise, and we are constantly educating our staff in company meetings and specialised training. 

We also encourage open and honest conversations across the board, and specifically to support women in their careers whether at Blis or somewhere else in the industry, we created a women-only monthly event called ‘Let’s talk about…’ to discuss different issues and challenges we all face as women in tech. With that, we are better at equipping and encouraging women to raise their voices, be seen and heard and to break the bias in the workplace. We also partner with other powerful people in tech by hosting panel discussions about different diversity topics – from black empowerment to challenges faced by women in the workplace.

From your perspective, what’s one action an ally can take to help prevent gender bias? 
An ally needs to be aware that even the smallest move can make a difference to help us all break the gender bias. When men think about how they can be better allies, they normally think about how they can do more. But sometimes, they could make a bigger impact by simply doing less. When they share opportunities with women, they will automatically be given the space to be heard. Just as actionable examples, allies could recommend a woman to take part in a panel they were first invited to or pass a big, visible project on to a female colleague who can take it on. This pass-up and pass-on approach is simple, but helps increase the number of opportunities for women in our industry.

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