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Jaguar XE



Higher than industry

average CTR

Brand challenge

Jaguar wanted to introduce its Jaguar XE to affluent audiences, so the luxury automaker partnered with Blis to reach and engage high net-worth individuals.

Blis solution

Jaguar used Blis Audience Targeting and Location Targeting to identify and reach Jaguar audiences through the use of real-world intelligence.

  • Prospective buyers, primarily men over the age of 35 and previous Jaguar owners in the past two years, were geo-targeted at Jaguar dealerships, competitor dealerships, Jaguar OOH sites and affluent locations, such as luxury stores or high-end restaurants.
  • Blis then used this historic behavioural data to retarget these users at moments when they were most likely to engage, for example, when they were at home and connected to WiFi.

Results and insights

Blis helped Jaguar engage its target audiences:

Best performing day

OOH & dealerships

Best performing locations


Higher than industry average CTR


Post click engagement



Post click engagement

480 x 320

Best performing creative units (interstitials)

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