Life is Blis – Kate Kaczmarek

Tell us about yourself I like to call myself a feminine geek. From an early age, I was a gamer and always dreamed of working in technology – although I still also love more traditionally female activities. I graduated from a Software Design and Project Management course in the Computer Science department at university and immediately started working in the tech industry as a Project Manager. I moved to London in 2015 to join Blis, and that’s where my adventure with AdTech started.   Why did you decide to join? Before Blis, I was working in a mobile gaming studio, where we successfully delivered multiple mobile games for clients around the globe. While I was there we won two awards for a Nickelodeon game that was released in India. However, being a little disheartened with the direction the mobile gaming industry was gravitating towards, I decided to find a new challenge. I wanted something that would provide me with enough space for creativity, but also give me some complex tech problems to solve. Blis seemed like a dream company – amazing and passionate people, interesting products and an opportunity to move to London.   What do you do at Blis? I’m a Senior Product Manager and also a product owner for all things data at Blis. I make sure the products we build deliver unique value to our customers, while making Blis a successful business at the same time. Our product discovery and development processes consider input from different angles of the business so my role requires me to work closely with all departments across Blis. The journey starts with recognising market needs and business challenges that need to be resolved. As Blis operates globally, and because different regions will present requests specific to their local customers, this can often be difficult – which in my opinion, makes the work even more interesting! Understanding what is happening in the market and what our competitors are offering is key to ensuring that we are providing the best value to our customers and clearly demonstrating what makes Blis so unique. Working with our marketing team to gather this intelligence, I can confidently present problems to our engineering team to brainstorm on the best solution possible. Design and development of products often require us to rethink what is viable to do, in both the short and long term, to validate the idea as quickly as possible and prove that our concept actually works. With our marketing team, I prepare and manifest a go-to-market plan that will satisfy both engineering and commercial requirements. Closer to the actual delivery date, I work on supporting materials, organise regional training sessions and go out to our customers to get product feedback directly ourselves. Once everyone is empowered to promote, sell and use what we have built, I continue to work on the best ways to scale and improve the product over time. This is why I find product so interesting: good ideas never die – they live and grow with the company, and I am very grateful that I can be a part of that evolution.   Best moment at Blis so far? An amazing opportunity to move from a Project Manager role to prove myself as a Product Manager came up almost three years ago and I jumped at the challenge. I’ve loved this role since day one and Blis has helped me to shape my career as I always dreamed of.   Tell us something not many people know about you? I take rollerblading classes once a week (even in winter) and I love everything that has a rose smell. — We’re hiring! Check out our open roles and apply here.

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