Location service Blis launches new Smart Trends tool for mobile marketing

To publicise their new Smart Trends tool for analysing consumer movement data, location analytics company Blis have released a survey detailing how shoppers are browsing in stores.

The announcement:

To illustrate the power of Smart Trends, Blis releases a global consumer report uncovering Sydney shoppers are more likely to browse fashion and style content while in store

Blis, the global pioneer in advanced location data technology, today announced the launch of Smart Trends, a new analytics tool that allows marketers to analyze consumer behaviour, from audience profiling, to exposure, to attribution, by capturing and activating mobile movement data.

Smart Trends offers robust in-store consumer behavioural insights and in-store comparison of multiple location types and brands, allowing marketers to break down demographic, contextual, time/day, and device type analysis, as well as compare behaviour of user groups side by side.

Powered by mobile movement data, Smart Trends is a passively collected data set that overlays device ID, longitude and latitude, and timestamp data. This passive data set is then merged with a wide range of behavioural data to create a more comprehensive consumer profile, thus exceeding the scope of traditional location data in that it represents a consumer’s location movement over a period of time.

To demonstrate the capabilities of Smart Trends, the company also announced the release of a ground- breaking report, Mastering Consumer Trends: A Global Retail Study, giving side-by-side behavioural comparisonof user groups across four global brands in seven countries.

The Global Retail Study found that shoppers in Sydney are more likely to be contextual browsers, visiting sites or apps related to their activity. This activity was on par with shoppers in London, with both cities recording 34% of shoppers browsing style and fashion content in store.

As such, instead of purely sending an advertisement to an audience, advertisers can use movement data trends to deliver relevant communications in the most impactful format at the most appropriate time and place to influence behaviours and brand sentiment among target audiences.

Comparing shopper behaviour in the UK, the US, South Africa, the UAE, Germany, Singapore and Australia as consumers interacted online and offline with H&M, Topshop, Victoria’s Secret and Zara touch points, Mastering Consumer Trends: A Global Retail Study illustrates Smart Trends’ ability to unlock consumer behaviour insights on purchase intent, shopping patterns and mobile consumption while shopping.

Brands can use this non-biased data set to gain a factual perspective of their competitive marketplace and consumers’ behaviours. For instance, while marketers generally have good insight on how their customers interact with their own brands, they lack the ability to understand how their customers behave when they’re shopping with competitors, or even their more general day-to-day behaviours.

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