Missing something? Preventing audience drop-off in a privacy-first world

In yesterday’s IAB Audience Connect breakout session, Diane Perlman, our CMO touched on how everyone’s so focused on the almighty cookie – but we’re missing the more pressing, “today” issue. 46% of US addressable audiences on mobile and 40% of US addressable audiences on desktop are being missed today. In this dynamic discussion with Danielle Mathews, VP of Performance & Commerce Media at Mosaic; Jeremy Cornfeldt, CEO of Brainlabs and Nishant Desai, Group Director of Technology & Operations at Xaxis, Diane explained that while Google has once again delayed the cookie demise, there is already a ‘data drought’ happening. “There really needs to be a whole mindset shift away from personal data, but a lot of marketers seem to want to ignore the problem and hope it goes away (business as usual),” Diane said. 

“We’ve gotten ‘lazy’ by relying on one strategy to reach people. We need to look at a blend of signals to understand how to get the most performance out of campaigns,” Nishant explained. 

Danielle discussed current solutions, particularly from a first-party data standpoint. “We’re urging clients to ask the hard questions – where is the data coming from, why these solutions, does it hold up to scrutiny? Really making sure we’re taking the right approach.”

With all the talk about first-party data, Jeremy is advising clients to “make sure their ‘house’ is clean, make sure their data is accurate and their taxonomies are in order.”

Diane then wrapped up the discussion with how Blis’ dynamic privacy-first tool, Audience Explorer can help brands and agencies discover powerful insights about their unique audiences, build richer media plans, and activate them right in our platform to deliver better outcomes at scale in a privacy-friendly way.

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