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New: behavioural lifestyle audiences now live

Marketers and planners spend significant time trying to understand the patterns and thoughts that influence consumer behaviour. The pandemic, privacy challenges and the rise of online shopping have created a jigsaw that is hard to solve. What will define the path to purchase at a time when more parts of the customer journey are digital? Understanding browsing behaviour can only reveal so much. While what we browse can reveal something about consumers’ interests, nothing can reveal real interests – and importantly intent – better than real-life actions. 

After all, it’s only human to say one thing and do another…

Interest ≠ real purchase intent

Simply being interested in a topic isn’t necessarily the best indication of purchase intent. For example, reading about healthy diets and exercise doesn’t necessarily mean that that person is ready to engage with brands in those sectors or is an exercise fanatic or healthy eater. However, real-world location – combined with other signals  – can be a powerful source of insights to reveal relevant audiences. Now, imagine enriching that seed audience with other powerful lifestyle (and other) data to get a very granular picture of your relevant audiences. We want to make it as quick and easy as possible to find and activate these relevant audiences.

That’s why we’re launching Blis behavioural lifestyle audiences – a suite of plug and play audiences, such as affluent spenders, discount shoppers and culture lovers. With our new ‘grab and go’ behavioural lifestyles, media planners can quickly and easily find audience profiles based on directly-observed human behaviours, revealing a powerful pool of potential buyers and helping brands target even more relevant audiences. Media planners can also use these pre-defined behavioural lifestyles as a starting point to layer on other data to get even more granular audiences.

Visit our Audience Explorer hub to check out our 1-pager and understand how we build our audiences from real-world location behaviours, making them more accurate, granular and relevant to any brief. You can find them quickly on Audience Explorer, ready to use or enrich them with other contextual lifestyle signals. Save them right in our platform, ready for activation by Blis’ Managed Service team or your own traders.

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