From AdExchanger: Not to change the Topic, but a cookieless future is about more than just what Google does

Our VP Product, Amy Fox, shared her thoughts on Google’s plans to replace FLoC with Topics. To read the original article in AdExchanger, click here.

Check out some of the key takeaways from the piece:

New year, same industry struggle: the death of third-party cookies.

  • Google announced another change: It’s replacing FLoC with Topics.
  • Whatever you want to call it, FLoC or Topics, let’s be clear on what we’re all trying to accomplish: finding new, privacy-first ways to accurately understand and target audiences at scale and, ultimately, help advertisers remain relevant to consumers.

An old conversation repackaged as new 

  • The categories returned by the Topics API for targeting will be too broad 
  • Because the Topics API relies on high-level domains, such as, rather than the full browsing URL (, all that Topics will reveal is the generalized categories of pages consumers are viewing. 
  • Google still controls every aspect of the process, including the interest groups themselves and how they get assigned.
The tiresome search for a unique solution

Continue reading Amy’s thoughts in AdExchanger to find out more. 
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