Not to change the Topic, but…- From Emerce

Our Head of Sales Benelux and DACH, Lucas Noordhoorn, wrote an important analysis about  s Google’s decision to replace FLoC with Topics. To read the original article in Emerce (in Dutch) click here.

In this piece, Lucas discussed the impacts of Google’s decision to replace FLoC with Topics. A few things to keep in mind before pinning hopes on Google’s Topics:

  • An old conversation repackaged as new: based on what we know so far, Topics is simply a rebranded version of FLoC
  • The search for a unique solution: Topics is not a miracle solution to tackle privacy concerns. Media planners and brands should still continue testing privacy-first solutions extensively this year
  • Staying on Topic: This year is not about Google, FLoC or Topics. 2022 is the last opportunity for agencies and brands to come to grips with privacy solutions

Read the full article in Emerce (in Dutch) to find out a few things to keep in mind before you pin your hopes on Google’s Topics.

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