Foot Traffic and Mobile Shopper Marketing Success

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As part of our recent partnership with Supplier Community, Blis is launching a six-part video blog series to help educate shopper marketers on the value of location data. Follow along with our subject matter expert Tom Brydon as we discuss everything from data transparency to optimization to bridging the physical and digital worlds for shopper marketers.

Part 2: Foot traffic is a metric that’s often sidelined in a world that focuses on sales lift and digital engagement, but it’s still a very relevant and powerful metric for understanding the overall effectiveness of shopper marketing strategies.

Video topics include:

  • Using location data to track foot traffic
  • Understanding how far your shoppers are willing to travel
  • Understanding foot traffic and conversion
  • Providing trackable and actionable metrics for future campaign optimization

Missed last week’s video? Click here to catch up, and stay tuned for next week’s installment on the importance of shopper marketing data transparency.

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