From The Drum: Privacy-first solutions are still not a priority for 60% of UK media planners in 2022


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Blis study reveals that most UK media planners are still not seeing privacy-first solutions as a key priority during 2022. In fact, over a quarter (25%) of media planners cited privacy-first solutions as one of their biggest challenges this year. However, 60% of them still say that privacy-first solutions are not a priority for 2022 – a sign that planners are still sceptical, or even confused, about how to tackle this challenge.

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The report also addresses how media planners feel about the current privacy-first solutions in the market. Overall, just one in four media planners feels they have good privacy-first solutions in place to reach their audiences. Almost half (42%) of media agencies are considering a mixture of contextual targeting, UID 2.0 and FloC (soon to be replaced by Topics), compared to one-third of brands. In-house planners seem to be more sceptical, with 23% of them still saying they wouldn’t consider any of the current solutions as ideal to overcome privacy concerns.

Continue reading the news in The Drum.

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