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Precision Planning

Audience Explorer

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Meet the most visual, interactive real-world planning tool on the market. Audience Explorer ingests data from a global panel of 370 million opted-in consumers and combines precise location data with hundreds of aggregated and anonymised rich 3rd-party signals.

Say hello to the most comprehensive audience insights so you can build richer and better performing campaigns, ready for activation programmatically across any platform.

Data signals include:

  • Employment details
  • Demographics
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Household income & expenditure

Audience Explorer can help you:

Discover Blis precision planning


Powerful insights about your unique audiences




Richer media plans with hundreds of aggregated & anonymised data signals




Them right in our platform to deliver better outcomes at scale in a
privacy-friendly way (via Managed Service or Self Serve)

Location-powered insights enriched with rich and anonymised 3rd-party data signals

At huge scale
Deep and useful insight

370 million consented panelists in over 160 countries

We integrate with dozens of data sources

Trend & Insight Reports

While our powerful Smart Platform and Audience Explorer mine for accurate and rich data, our experienced Insights Team provide that human touch, to enrich campaign planning and business strategy even further, giving you a solid understanding of:

Your customers

Gain a unique view of real-world consumer behaviour.

Your competitors

Attract new customers and map loyalty through competitor conquesting.

Trends over time

Shift tactics based on seasonal peaks 

and trends to improve ROI.


“The real-world intelligence provided by Blis not only highlights the success of Renault’s mobile location campaigns but also gives us valuable information about our consumers and when they are most likely to convert.”

Vincenzo Montella – Media Specialist, Renault Italia
uplift from control groups to those exposed to the ads.

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