From The Drum: How brands can harness behaviour change

Around the world people have learned to live with the changes brought about by Covid-19, after close to a year of turmoil, notes Fionn Hyndman, the managing director for Asia at Blis. This means while many countries in Asia have fared better than the rest of the world, consumers here have also needed to adapt.

Differences in where consumers are in a local area, how they move about and how they interact with others can indicate how they have changed their behaviour. But reading these patterns has never been more difficult, especially for global brands, operating across different markets at different stages on the road to recovery. Understanding the different stages of crisis, stability and recovery and where along the spectrum a particular market sits is key for any brand strategy heading into 2021. By examining how the ever-changing circumstances have impacted daily routines and newly established behaviours, brands can harness the changes to meet their consumers adapted needs.

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