From The Drum: This time it’s personal: why advertising has to change

For the past decade, marketers have been fixated on delivering one-to-one marketing solutions heavily relying on cookies and personal identifiers to retarget and, ultimately, drive strong performance. This modern take has been built on the back of massive data sets of personal information flowing through the ecosystem, allowing marketers to track people across their entire online life. However, we are facing an impending data drought, beginning within the next few weeks and accelerating over the coming years, that will change everything. Evolving privacy legislation and platform changes by the likes of Google, Facebook and Apple means that very soon there will be less data available, not only to brands but to the entire ecosystem.

Yet as daunting as this might sound, we should see this as an opportunity. A once in a generation opportunity to change the way that we, as an industry, define what an ‘audience’ means, and how ‘personal advertising’ can continue to deliver value. The key question is going to be, how?

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