The Importance of Shopper Marketing Data Transparency

As part of our recent partnership with Supplier Community, Blis is launching a six-part video blog series to help educate shopper marketers on the value of location data. Follow along with our subject matter expert Tom Brydon as we discuss everything from data transparency to optimization to bridging the physical and digital worlds for shopper marketers.

Part 3: Being transparent with both the client and the consumer is critical when gathering and utilizing shopper marketing data. In this video, subject matter expert Tom Brydon emphasizes the importance of openness and the careful vetting of data in order to protect the integrity of your brand and your consumers’ information.

Video topics include:

  • The importance of brand safety and transparency
  • The prevalence of GDPR and the introduction of CCPA
  • Vetting your data and maintaining consumers’ trust
  • Data mining regulations and legal considerations

Missed last week’s video? Click here to catch up, and stay tuned for next week’s installment on engaging the right audience at the right time to market a product.

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