The new Blis mission: to help brands and agencies to target large – scale users in the post cookie world

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  • The new suite of Blis privacy-first products will make it possible for brands to achieve their main campaign objectives
  • Blis launches a new type of targeting that will change media planning and buying methods, combining location insight with other real-world and online data.

ROME, March 30, 2021 – Blis, a pioneer in location-powered advertising privacy-first tech, today announced the launch of a new suite of products that will allow brands and agencies to reach their customers on a large scale, in the new post cookie world, to help achieve all main campaign objectives.

In this transition phase where an entire industry is moving away from targeting based on ID’s and personal data, brands need to find new approaches to achieve their goals through the use of personalized and effective forms of digital advertising. Recent research found 78% of senior marketers are worried or very worried about cookie abandonment, while 61% share the same concerns about IDFA’s. When asked about what worries them most, 37% cited a combination of factors that include the ability to plan effective campaign strategies, do customized campaigns to specific audiences at scale, and be able to effectively measure results.

Blis aims to tackle this challenge by leveraging its expertise with location data. The new products will combine location data with hundreds of behavioural and lifestyle signals that have been aggregated and anonymized, to reconstruct the complete picture of the customers of a given brand, and intercept them on a large scale.

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