From Engage: What happens when our common currency becomes uncommon?

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The common currency that has been used consistently across every Demand Side Platform (DSP), Data Management Platform (DMP) and, in fact, everything that the digital advertising ecosystem has been built on over the past 14 years since the dawn of programmatic – the cookie – is going to be blown away.

This is not new news, of course, but many in the industry seem to be finally waking up to the hard truth that data-driven media buying, as we know it today, is severely under threat and has to change. Cookies power everything we do, from humble frequency capping through to complex multi-touch attribution models, ad personalisation and audience segmentation. They underpin most of the gains we’ve made in performance advertising, as well as brand advertising, over the past decade. Our foundations are being shaken. As the opted-in data sources disappear, so does the currency upon which our industry has been built.

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