From Emerce: What will influence the media planning cycle in 2022 series


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The pandemic hit us all like a ton of bricks. While we all saw fewer people moving around (and we were those people!), privacy changes also started to rock the adtech ecosystem. Media planners’ lives became way more challenging, as they had to quickly adapt strategies while trying to understand new consumer behaviours across different devices.  

In a complex age where media planners are both excited for a more predictable year after the pandemic and growing sceptical of privacy-first solutions, the media planning process is influenced by a number of aspects. In this series, we will cover each step of the media planning process to understand how planners and buyers can address key challenges.

From new challenges in building audiences to measuring campaign success, we’ll reveal what will influence the path of a typical planning cycle in 2022  – starting with how to discover and reach audiences.

Read the first article of the series in Emerce.
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