Why advertisers need to look beyond Facebook and Instagram – From Campaign

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To read the original article written by our CMO, Diane Perlman in Campaign, click here.

Unless you’ve been off the grid, it will have been hard to escape the repercussions of Facebook’s outage last week. 

Facebook’s platforms may have only been down for six hours, but in that time, thousands of businesses saw traffic and engagement levels drop substantially – causing a significant fall in sales that directly correlated to a disruption in their social media channels. In fact, the financial hit is estimated to have been around $79 million in ad revenue losses, with many businesses unable to reach their clients and potential customers. 

While painful, this serves as a powerful reminder of one of the biggest challenges the digital advertising industry faces: breaking its reliance on a few large players to support ad spend. 

While this has been a conversation in the industry for some time, it has started to become an even more pressing issue for businesses who are entirely reliant on Facebook. Whether or not an outage happens again, it underscores the urgent need for brands to re-evaluate their over-reliance on Facebook and Google and start testing more budget on the many viable alternatives out there. 

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