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This Is What The ‘CX Of The Future’ Looks Like

This article is part of’s December series about 2018 trends, predictions, and new opportunities. Click here for more.

Intelligent technologies stole the spotlight in 2017, and rightfully so. Seamless, cross-platform customer experiences—enhanced by augmented and virtual reality, voice-enabled interfaces, facial recognition, and myriad forms of machine-learning techniques—are all part of the new competitive advantage mandate.

But not to be overlooked is the human component of marketing and, really, all digital endeavors. Getting closer to your customers means connecting with them authentically, emotionally, transparently, and personally. You know, as people.

Those were some of the recurring themes among the answers from 60-plus digital leaders, who we asked: “What do you think the customer experience of the future will look like?”

Read on for all of the insightful responses we received in this, our seventh annual global predictions extravaganza. Respondents include Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes and CIO Cynthia Stoddard, as well as executives from Denny’s, Gannett, Hostess, Mr and Mrs Smith, NRP, Tourism of Australia, and many more. Answers are arranged alphabetically, by last name.

“Customers will expect the same things they expect now: service, quality, honesty, plus easy-to-use digital access and integrated purchasing ability. But more than anything, they’ll expect the ability to speak to a real person if needed.” —Nick Ballard, ANZ MD, Blis

“In 2018 we’ll see more frank public discussions about what it means to bring humanity back to business. Customers and employees, alike, are craving more trust, respect, civility, and meaningful connection beyond texts, tweets, and posts. If business leaders don’t step up and deliver other kinds of value, they’ll quickly end up out in the cold.” —Megan Burns, CEO, Experience Enterprises

“The customer experience of the future combines the evergreen principles of simple, intuitive products/solutions with the almost limitless possibilities brought by developments in areas like AI, VR/AR, or IoT.” —Cristian Citu, Senior Director, Group Digital Strategy, DHL

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