Blis | Forecast: Most Holiday Shoppers to Buy Online

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Forecast: Most Holiday Shoppers to Buy Online

The news for brick-and-mortar retailers isn’t bad, though. While most shoppers will hit online outlets, 40% say they’ll be shopping malls and local merchants nearly as often as they buy from online giants like Amazon.

“There’s no doubt that this holiday season will be challenging for retailers. Consumer budgets are down and brands are struggling to maintain and grow revenue, but there is ample opportunity for marketers to break through the noise and make meaningful connections with shoppers throughout their gift-buying process,” said Gil Larsen, VP Americas, Blis. “With the use of location data, specifically, marketers can observe real-time behavior to best engage and persuade consumers. The more you know about who your audience is, where they’ve been, and what they’re interested in, the higher your likelihood of converting consumers this holiday season.”

As to where shoppers will find shopping inspiration, about half (47%) say they’ll turn to TV and online (including mobile) ads for gifting ideas. And, for the when, about 28% will be shopping up until the last minute, making purchases the week of Christmas

How much will people spend over the holiday season? According to the NRF the total holiday spend is expected to push past $1 trillion between November 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018, with ecommerce sales totaling at least $128 billion.

More data from the Blis 2018 Holiday Shopping Outlook: How and Where Consumers will Buy During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year can be found here.

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