Blis launches Audience Explorer in Spain

Madrid, 26 April 2022 – Blis, the leading privacy-first, location-powered programmatic advertising partner, today announces the launch of its new product suite in Spain. The new platform enables brands and agencies to target their customers in the post-cookie world and drive key outcomes. Audience Explorer was first launched in 2021 in the wake of impending privacy changes by the major tech companies and is available across the UK, US, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand and now Spain. 

Audience Explorer is a visual, real-world planning platform that combines precise location data with hundreds of rich and anonymised third-party signals, ranging from lifestyle characteristics and affinities to browsing and shopping habits. These data signals are available in all countries with access to the platform, but Spain is the first country across the globe to also have access to car manufacturers’ data, giving brands and media agencies additional insights to gain the most holistic view of their customers. Using Audience Explorer, brands can now discover richer audience insights, ready for activation at scale. 

“Brands that are still relying on personal identifiers are already unable to reach over half of addressable audiences – and reach, relevance and measurement challenges are set to continue. Now is the perfect time for media planners and brands to work with partners who can still deliver the audiences they would otherwise miss”, said Javier Puig, Head of Sales in Spain at Blis. “We are delighted to bring Audience Explorer to Spain, enabling privacy-first audience insights and campaign scale without the reliance on personal data.”

As the industry pivots away from targeting based on IDs and personal data, brands need to find new ways to drive key business outcomes through personalised and high-performing digital advertising. To address this, Audience Explorer combines data from Blis’ global panel of 370 million opted-in consumers with precise location data and anonymized rich third-party signals. Based on a deep consumer understanding, brands can serve up relevant ads to customers by understanding consumers’ needs, lifestyles, spending habits, competitor landscape and interests based on privacy-first, anonymized data – what we call Dynamic Audience Targeting. 

This new Dynamic Audience Targeting enables Blis to continue delivering highly accurate, targeted campaigns for some of Spain’s biggest brands without reliance on personal data. Programmatic traders at agencies and brands can also activate these audiences via our self-serve platform or work with Blis on a managed service basis. 


About Blis 

Blis is the leading privacy-first, location-powered programmatic advertising partner. We deliver accurate targeting at scale without reliance on personal data, helping the world’s largest brands and media agencies drive key business outcomes through personalised and high-performing digital advertising. 

Blis uses real-world and online data, as well as behaviour and lifestyle indicators, to profile and understand audiences better than anyone else. Using a huge opted-in global planning and measurement panel and taking an aggregated and anonymous approach to audience targeting, Blis reaches precise audiences at scale without reliance on personal data. 

Established in the UK in 2004, Blis now operates in more than 40 offices across five continents. Working with the world’s largest and most customer-driven companies across all verticals including Unilever, Samsung, McDonald’s, HSBC, Mercedes Benz and Peugeot, as well as every major media agency, Blis reaches over a billion mobile devices a year. 

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