Blis Partners With Moat To Offer In-App Viewability And Attention Analytics

Blis has announced a global partnership with Moat, a SaaS analytics and measurement company focused on delivering products for marketers and publishers, to measure viewability, as defined by the latest Media Rating Council (MRC) mobile guidelines for both mobile in-app and mobile web. The move also follows the IAB Australia’s launch of new viewability guidelines aimed at simplifying the landscape for advertisers.

In a complex online advertising environment like mobile, being able to measure ad exposure is a crucial element in advertisers’ ability to prove ad engagement and effectiveness. A Google report shows that in APAC markets such as Australia, Malaysia and India, one in three digital ads may be unviewable, heavily skewing results.

Although viewability in mobile is still in it’s infancy, by partnering with Moat, Blis can provide its clients with industry standard third party viewability metrics. Moat is the first company accredited by the US’ Media Ratings Council (MRC) to measure viewability for both mobile in-app and mobile web.

Blis’ CEO Greg Isbister said: “Advertisers are demanding clear definitions on viewability, Blis believes partnering with Moat gives us the best viewability analytics on the market. Viewability, along with other location metrics such as store visit rates, allow advertisers to understand how consumers are interacting with their campaigns beyond clicks and impressions.”

Blis is working with partners to guarantee viewability standards for all its clients. By deepening its relationships with third party, independent measurement companies like Moat, Blis is providing guidance and assurance to its clients on viewability and attention metrics across the millions of publisher sites and apps the company advertise on.

Jonah Goodhart, Moat CEO and co-founder said: “Location data is a valuable resource for marketers looking to reach their mobile-first consumers at the right time and in the right place. We are thrilled to work with Blis across all of their campaigns to provide marketers with even greater insight into how their audiences pay attention.”

Ben Phillips, global director of mobile, MediaCom, said: “The announcement of this partnership with Moat is timely, as our clients look to boost viewability standards. Clear viewability measurement will provide enhanced visibility to marketers looking to explore the huge potential in mobile advertising.”

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