In-store behavioural insights can guide mobile advertising decisions

Location data expert Blis recently launched a new analytics tool that lets marketers assess consumer behaviour through mobile location and movement data. The ‘Smart Trends’ feature incorporates in-store behavioural insights and is capable of comparing locations and brands.

The advertiser can then track and examine the demographic as well as contextual details of the consumer’s shopping behaviours.

Greg Isbister, CEO and founder at Blis explains:

“Mobile movement data provided by Smart Trends plays a pivotal role in allowing brands to gain a fuller, richer view of their customer, such as where they go and how they interact with competitive brands. These insights can be used to make game changing strategic decisions about products they carry, store location and advertising campaigns.”

To assess the functionalities of Smart Trends, Blis launched the Mastering Consumer Trends: A Global Retail Study comparing consumers of four large fashion brands -H&M, Topshop, Victoria’s Secret, and Zara – across seven countries including the UK, US, South Africa, UAE, Germany, Singapore, and Australia.

The study found a strong correlation between the fashion consumer and heavy mobile device usage. It also notes that brands can actually benefit from foot traffic of their competitors through shopping crossover.

For example, H&M is highly suited to areas with larger foot traffic as consumers are unlikely to go out of their way to reach the store – unlike Topshop.

The report also highlights that more mature markets such as the US had a lower in-store session index, which indicates that marketers should attempt to reach shoppers before they reach the store. In contrast, the UAE has a high session index, suggesting that advertisers have a good chance of reaching consumers with mobile ads in-store.

Consumers are enjoying ever more media touch points and this offers a prime opportunity for brands and advertisers to reach them. However, it requires careful analysis of their behaviours to ensure that ads remain relevant.

To view the original article on Moby Affiliates, click here.

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