location-based marketing

Five assumptions marketers need to stop making about location data

Location-based marketing is becoming a vital part of understanding real human behaviour and planning real world intelligence powered marketing campaigns, but there are still a number of misconceptions about the technology. Location data tells us so much more than where a person is at any given moment so that they can be targeted with real-time ads. That’s one use of location – but it barely scratches the surface of what understanding real-world human behaviour can truly bring to marketing and advertising.

PlaceConf: Will Location Analytics Disrupt Ad Models?

Earlier this year, GroundTruth rolled out a new performance model called Cost Per Visit that charges marketers only when people come into their store or business location. With other companies like Blis and Retale rolling out their own pay-per-visit model, brands and marketers alike are having to fundamentally rethink how they buy media.

Blis Location Data Shows Formula 1 Lights Up Singapore’s Economy

Leading location technology company, Blis, today unveiled insights from Singapore’s Formula One weekend. Coming on the 10th anniversary of F1’s arrival Singapore, the data points to the enormous commercial benefit the race brings to the local economy, showing a 173% jump in mobile activity at key local restaurants and an 82% lift at local shopping malls, compared with normal weekend activity.

Geolocation gets an IQ boost

Unless you were working in the highest levels of government during Cold War, you wouldn’t have known much about geolocation until the 1990s, when you got a GPS for your car.

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