Mobile Marketing

Debunking the Apple/Android User Myth

Alex Wright, head of insights at Blis, argues that using the phone someone owns to predict their behaviour or spending power is a futile exercise, but that other data points can help paint a more accurate picture.

The Industry needs to act together to fix brand safety

Charlie Smith, UK MD at Blis, argues that when it comes to brand safety, advertising can’t survive on good intentions alone. If anyone was in any doubt about the seriousness of the brand safety issue, yesterday’s news that some of the world biggest agency groups had come together to form the The Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) should make them think again.

Location Data: How we got here

With thanks to IAB’s Mobile Steering Group – in particular Blis, Factual, Google, MediaCom, Oath, Verve, and Weve – for putting their views forward, this article highlights where location data started, what has changed over the years, and what the future looks like.

Using geolocation to enhance mobile marketing

Facebook profiles may reveal a thing or two. Knowing their age, gender and profession will also help. But in order to get a truly holistic picture of their customers, brands need to take a look at where they go.

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