Tropical Smoothie Cafe



Store visit uplift

(control vs exposed)

Brand challenge

Tropical Smoothie Cafe wanted to raise awareness of their store locations in the United States and draw attention to a flatbread + side menu promotion. They turned to their local digital marketing agency, Cardinal Web Solutions to help facilitate, and Cardinal partnered with Blis to devise a hyper-local digital store support program.

Blis solution

Renault partnered with Blis and leveraged our Activation, Attribution and Analytic products, including Audience Targeting, Location Targeting and Trend and Insight Reports. With this suite of real-world intelligence products, Renault was able to effectively promote the Kadjar through a sophisticated combination of tactics, including:

Tropical Smoothie Cafe leveraged Blis’ Activation solutions: Audience and Location Targeting to identify appropriate audiences in proximity to Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations and also retarget consumers seen in competitor smoothie bars, restaurants or similar brands in close proximity to a Tropical Smoothie Cafe location to drive them in store and raise awareness of the company’s flatbread + side menu promotion.

Results and insights

The campaign saw an impressive conversion rate of those exposed to the ad who went into store the same day.


Highest CTR of any of day of the week


Time with highest store visit conversion





Store visit rate (benchmark 0.5%)


Went in store same day as ad exposure

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