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Shopping by Speaker: Many retailers are betting big on conversational commerce, but a minority (34%) of US consumers own a voice-activated device, according to data from Kantar, and shopping activities are not terribly popular. The most common activity conducted via speakers was playing music, podcasts or audiobooks (19%). Just 7% of respondents had bought something online on a speaker, and 4% had ordered food.

Fashion Is Getting Bigger: The average woman in the US wears plus-size clothing (most often defined as sizes 14 and up), but it’s only recently that brands and retailers have courted these shoppers. According to Coresight Research, sales of plus-size apparel are growing faster than the market as a whole. Women’s plus-size clothing sales grew 23.0% between 2012 and 2016 to reach $21.4 billion, or 17.5% of the total market. By comparison, overall apparel sales increased 9.9%.

Conscious Consumers: Blis published findings on what it is calling the “conscious consumer.” These shoppers are characterized by a rational, price-driven approach rather than an emotional one—69% research price all the way up to the point of purchase, which makes them susceptible to ads and promos. They are also very aware of the value exchange in giving up personal information. Almost two-thirds would share personal data, but only if it resulted in hard benefits like saving money.

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