Blis | GE


GE Lighting worked with Blis to target GE Lighting shoppers driving them to purchase where GE Lighting products were available. Blis also conducted an OnDevice Mobile Brand Impact study to assist in strategic campaign learnings for GE Lighting.


Products: Proximity & Path + OnDevice Research

Leverage Blis’ best in class location data, app ownership and purchase data to identify GE Lighting’s target audiences and drive them to select major retailers with high impact and engaging creative units. Utilize learnings from OnDevice to further optimize the campaign.


Real time targeting of devices seen within proximity of the select major retailers and those with the retailer apps.

Real time targeting of the retail competitors and those with the competitors app.

Retargeting devices seen at the select major retailers.

App ownership targeting devices with smart home apps.

Retargeting devices that have purchased lighting and who have been seen at lighting stores, and serve ads when pre qualified device’s are later seen at home on a wifi connection.


Top performing ad format: Mobile Carousel Interstitial 2.83% CTR & 64% Uplift in Foot Traffic

Ad engagement rate: 25% engagement rate with the mobile interstitial ad, exceeding the benchmark by 5%. Additionally, those who clicked on this continued to engage with the second map with a dwell time of 15 seconds.

Footfall Uplift by Targeting Strategy: Targeting users in proximity to the select retail locations drove a 29% uplift compared to targeting users who were most likely to be seen in the store after ad exposure at 21% uplift.


Females who shop at the targeted retailers and had “neutral” feelings on smart home technology showed significant gains in awareness at a 12% increase from the control group.

Purchase intention was also significantly increased for females due to ad exposure at a 9% increase from the control group.

Overall awareness of the availability of GE Lighting HD at the select retailers increased with females exposed by 20%.