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Impersonal guide

Marketers: the time has come to reach the right people without relying on personal data.


We’re all gearing up to say goodbye to the cookie and hello to fewer IDFAs. It’s a brave new world out there, but we believe a less personal ecosystem doesn’t need to signify the end of personalised advertising (so you can still have your cake and eat it, too).


We’re here to help you navigate this industry inflection point with our guide, “Preparing for a privacy-first world: your personal guide to getting impersonal.” In this guide, you’ll learn: 


  • The extent to which these changes will impact the digital campaign cycle as we know it
  • The pros and cons of the various solutions being thrown into the ring as IDFA and cookie replacements
  • What’s exciting your fellow marketers – and what’s keeping them up at night
  • The top tips you’ll need to know to survive and thrive in this “perfect storm”

Download your guide and join us as we get impersonal, together.


We always want to work with partners like Blis who help us proactively navigate key industry topics. Blis’ new privacy-first targeting methodology provides a truly innovative solution to a pressing challenge. 

Sophie Strong

Head of Display and Social


We’re reinventing programmatic location-powered advertising for a privacy-first world:

Location-powered insights

Build richer media plans with Audience Explorer: precise, opted-in location data + hundreds of rich and anonymised 3rd-party signals.

Activation without reliance on personal data

Introducing Dynamic Audience Targeting, the 4D solution to privacy-first targeting at scale.




Drive the same measurement and attribution that you know and love without relying on cookies or IDFAs.

ready to get up close and impersonal?

reach the right people without relying on personal data

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