Verify your data to yield better campaign results

It seems like the temperature always dips around Labor Day – as if Mother Nature observes the unofficial beginning of autumn like we do, even though fall doesn’t really start for a few more weeks. With back-to-school sales behind us, shoppers are already eyeing the smattering of Halloween pop-up stores that have begun invading malls and Main Streets, and some are even planning their holiday gift shopping. As everyone starts to spend more time indoors and gear up for the winter holiday season, how are brands and marketers adjusting?


Women Leading The Blockchain Revolution – With Amy Fox and Tyler Gallagher

I had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Fox, product director at Blis, who oversees high-level product strategy and development alongside the release of new revenue streams and products to the market. One of the first Blis employees, Amy has grown her career over the last few years from an entry-level role in partner relationships to leading both Operations and Product.

These Are the Emerging Tech Trends Marketers Need to Adopt

In 2018 the world saw a marriage of policy and technology to give consumers more control over their data. In 2019, as the relationship between humans and technology continues to become more intertwined, I believe we’ll see an even more marked shift in how we deal with data, from stricter guidelines outlining how marketers can access it to a greater dependency on the devices we use to make sense of it.


Executive of the Year: Keith Weed, Unilever

No CMO has taken as clear-eyed a perspective on the industry’s issues and how to address them in 2018 as Keith Weed. Following a tumultuous 2017, when marketers realized the sorry state of their house due to fraud, brand safety and transparency, it became easy for brands to pin blame on platforms, vendors and agencies — pretty much anyone but themselves.

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