Blis Telco-powered Targeting

Reach high-interest and affinity audiences (anonymised and aggregated), exclusively with Blis Telco-powered Targeting – together with O2

Telco-powered Targeting – together with O2

Get the most comprehensive view of real people at scale

Telco-powered Targeting – together with O2 enables you to reach audiences based on their mobile browsing and call behaviour, using anonymised and aggregated data.


With exclusive access to five-six billion anonymised and aggregated daily events from O2’s cellular and Wi-Fi networks, Blis can provide valuable behavioural insights and targeting opportunities.

With access to a third of the UK population, reach your desired target audiences (anonymised and aggregated) to drive brand awareness at the top of the purchase funnel. 

All data used by Blis is consented and adheres to the rigorous standards of GDPR. All Telco-powered Targeting data is anonymised and analysed at aggregate level under O2’s privacy policy.

Access O2’s unique dataset

With access to over 20,000 audience profiles from O2 proprietary data (anonymised and aggregated), you can find relevant audiences for your campaign based on one or more of the following:

Data set

Why choose Telco-powered Targeting?

Blis Telco-powered Targeting – together with O2 creates the most comprehensive view of real people at scale, so you can:

Drive brand awareness for more effective targeting

Drive brand awareness with more effective targeting on websites

Granular customer segmentation based on brands, hobbies, interests, demographics, lifestyles or life stages, built using anonymised and aggregated data from O2.

Reach interest-aligned consumers using anonymised and aggregated telco data

Reach interest-aligned consumers using accurate O2 data

Benefit from Blis’ exclusive access to precision audience profiling based on billions of daily data events from O2’s cellular and Wi-Fi networks.


Accelerate the purchase process with upper-funnel targeting

Speed up the purchase process with upper funnel targeting

Drive brand awareness among your desired audience and reduce wastage by reaching consumers with brand affinity.


Enhance your campaigns with Blis’ full suite of Activation offerings

Telco-powered Targeting works best in combination with our other targeting solutions to efficiently drive customers through the purchase funnel, including Audience, Location and Habits to Home Targeting.


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